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NOTE: :iconcutevulpix56: is currently the ONLY active admin, so please contact her if you are having difficulties, a folder is full, or have any questions! Please take it easy on her, she is a busy person as well and may be checking only once a day or so!


Always check our homepage for the most updated rules and submission details!

How to Join and Submit Art

Everyone is accepted!

All you have to do is click the join group button at the top of the group

Once you are a member all you need to do is click the "Contribute Art" button. It's right next to the "Suggest a Fave" and where it says Welcome Home.

This button will direct you to a new page where you will need to click on the drop down menu to select the correct folder for your art.

Example: If the piece was created with marker it would go in the "Traditional Art" folder or if you wrote a journal about a contest it would go into "Journals, Advertisements, and Commission Info" folder.

At the bottom of that same page you will see a green button that says submit art, just click that and it is automatically approved for most folders.

We are currently not allowing submissions to our featured folder at the moment so please don't submit your pieces there.

** Too many people were not being courteous to others so we have had to limit the submissions to our group to 1 per day, we really hate having to do this but we feel that we have been forced to change the rule.

All art submitted to our group will be monitored to fit both our groups rules and DeviantArt rules.

DeviantArt rules can be found here:…

Please review them if you are not familiar with them.

The-Art-Universe Rules

Please submit to the correct folder, if there's a mistake let us know!
We understand sometimes accidents happen and we will take care of it, but you need to do your part to follow this rule.

Sadly, some members have abused the kindness of the admins and we have had to change a couple of rules regarding folder submission. We also have combined or even added some folders, so here's a brief description of those that may need a little more clarification!
>>The "Devious Folder" or the default folder will be deleted when it gets full, so please submit to more appropriate folders in our group if you would like your pieces to stay in the gallery for longer. This is the best way to keep everything clean and easy to find for you guys art that you will love.
>>The "Where does this go?" folder no longer automatically accepts submissions. Submissions to this folder will be monitored by the admins and the artist will be asked to re-submit their piece to the best appropriate folder for it.
>>The "Current Art-Universe Contest Submissions" folder will also be monitored by the admins. So pieces submitted here will be allowed into the folder if the piece fits the current contest. We have had many people accidentally submit pieces to this folder that did not fit, so this is how we are going to keep this from happing in the future.
>>The "Mature Content" folder submissions will need to be accepted by the admins. This will help us make sure the rules of both our group and DeviantArt are being followed.
+Added Rule: You MUST submit anything with gore, nudity, etc material with the appropriate Mature Content filter! Not doing so WILL result in immediate banment, as you clearly did not read the rules. The same goes for Mature Content images in any folder OTHER than the Mature Content folder.
+No fetishes, etc. NO links to ANY site with pornography immediately available to the viewer (aka tumblr, patreon, etc). This will result in immediate banment.

**The "Fan Art" folder is for fan art, which is where all Fan art should go, not into the other folders. Pieces that do not follow this rule will be removed without warning.
>>The Literature folder is meant to be more for stories and poetry, NOT Journals!! Journals must be submit to the "Journals, Advertisements, and Commission Info" folder.

**When a folder is full please tell us about it so we can open a new one. Please do not submit to the “Where does this go?” Folder when the others are full. That’s not what that folder is meant for, we reserve the right to automatically decline pieces that we feel fit this description.

**NO advertisements in the group comments, we have a folder for those. If you submit a comment with an advertisement it will be taken down.

More about the "Mature Content" Folder

*We have a folder for mature content. If there is art that is mature and is not in the correct folder it will be removed AND you will be immediately banned from submission to the group, as you clearly have not read the rules.
**Definition of Mature Content for our group: A piece that has nudity, is implied to be nude, or has any kind of undergarments, must have the appropriate mature content filter edited onto it. This is also content that has a sexual nature or implied to. Pieces without this filter will be denied and you will be informed to edit it onto your artwork. ANY MATURE CONTENT ARTWORK FEATURING AN UNDERAGED OR IMPLIED-TO-BE-UNDERAGED CHARACTER OR PERSON WILL BE TAKEN DOWN AND REPORTED. You will also be immediately banned from submission to the group without warning.

*This folder was meant to allow artists and photographers a place to submit art that studies the human form, such as, figure drawings and anatomy sketching practice.

*NO Kinks or Fetishes are allowed in the folder or anywhere in our group.

**All pieces must have a mature content filter, if they do not they will be automatically denied. In addition, please do not delete your filter after it has been added.

**At this time we are unable to allow mature written word and videos as we can’t look through them all.

*All pieces must also follow the DeviantArt rules, which again can be found here:…

*Since we opened this mature content folder as a test we have had to heavily adapt it to keep our group rules intact. If the rules are not followed we will have to take the folder down. IT IS GETTING CLOSE TO THIS POINT SO PLEASE TAKE CARE TO KEEP THIS FROM HAPPENING.


**Please Submit Art to the CORRECT FOLDER.

Always remember to be KIND and COURTEOUS to others

We are still noticing a lot of members not paying attention to our rules about submitting to the correct folder. If this continues we will have to make more changes to the group. Currently, we have already taken a couple of measures to avoid these problems.

If you incorrectly submit a piece to our group, please let us know and we would be happy to help!
If you are unsure how to correctly submit art you can always review how to here or send us, the admins, a note and one of us will be happy to help!
If you have any concerns or problems let us know, we will ALWAYS be happy to help!

Please just try to follow the rules laid out here in this journal. We love having you as a part of our group and happily welcome you all to our very large community!

Gallery Folders

Esai by Jenna-Meister
Proud Blood by WhiteRose2132
Because the night by Elunacy
-The Admin Features-
GBP Spring Advent Calendar by asayyu
Doggo Pallet-CYOP Adopts (30pts each, OPEN) by cutevulpix56
Kitty Adopt! (CLOSED) by cutevulpix56
Vernid Egg Sheet - Auction - SB10pt (3/9 OPEN) by cutevulpix56
Devious Folder
Young and in Love by PeteDamian
Amber Valletta by Linu-Altair
Conceptual-001 by Yunius0806
Wingers by Rosanacabellomaria
Frisk - Undertale by PenguimMadeInMexico
Salco by Spikeydoq
CANDY!! by EllieDoodles02
You Only Die Once. CSI:NY Fanart by Strandstork
Flowers for an angel by PureBloodedOne
Pleasant Melody (coloured version) by PureBloodedOne
Oracle by Strandstork
Untitled by Strandstork
Autumn Leaf by TaikutsunaMajo
Winter Spirit by TaikutsunaMajo
Orange soup by Gallerica
Hello! I'm sitting here by Gallerica
Literature NO Journals
Journals, Advertisements, Commission Info
Fan Art
Pucca + Garu by VirusDreamer
Mega family by JA-punkster
[Request] Tan Sheena by Cumulusnubes
Baymax Hug by HoshiNoDestiny
-Where does this go?-
-Think Outside the Box Contest-
-Current Art-Universe Contest Submissions-
Let There Be Spring by Joy4000
Adopt#8 [OPEN] by Avenila
Kingdom Hearts: Sora by ThePartyvengers
Comics, Cartoons, Manga
Xeno deletes numbers 2:jess o Connor  the wild car by YoungDavid
Icons, Stamps, Page Dolls
The cute icons of small flowers by atelier-bw
Animations and 3-D Models
Guild Wars 2 Asura by Red-Hots
Backgrounds, Wallpapers, Journal Skins
-Jessica Jones- by Orchidea-Blu
WIPS, Tutorials, Lineart, Bases, Stock Photo
.No edition III by iLDS
Crafts and Sculptures
Metal! by dizzledow
Mixed Medias, Memes, Other
Yvette portrait with copics by Djeroon
Mature Content ONLY

Mature Content

Neko Neko~ Afraid of the bitting pear ! by PuercaGin


Hey guys! So it occurred to me that the last custom thing I posted might've been a bit more expensive for a great many of you, so I wanted to post this one here instead!!…
Doggo Pallet-CYOP Adopts (30pts each, OPEN) by cutevulpix56

I also wanted to add a perk for you guys specifically (TAU MEMBERS)! Mostly since the contest planning had to be put off due to a LOT of schoolwork I had to do - sorry it's been taking so long guys!

Comment on the sheet if you want one that you came from this journal, and you'll have to pay only half of the slot fee! (only 15:points: off of the 30:points:!)

Anyway that's there if you guys are interested <3 I hope you all are doing well, and feel free to drop a hello by here if ya wanna chat! <3

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